Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Screw you, Martha Stewart. Screw you, Pinterest.

Screw you, Martha Stewart, and screw you, Pinterest.

That's right. I am officially no longer a fan, or friend of, Martha Stewart or Pinterest. But why, you ask? The pie pictured above looks so great!

…and that is exactly it. I set about making an apple pie the other day, and I'll be honest, I wanted it to look pretty for this here blog. I was writing an apple pie recipe post in anticipation of Thanksgiving. While writing the original post, I realized that my pie from last Thanksgiving, while absolutely delicious, wasn't 'pinterest-picture worthy'. Just for fun, let's go ahead and look at last year's pie:

screw you pinterest
last years apple pie
Now, compare that to this years.

I think we can all agree which one looks better. See, that's because I decided I wanted my pie to be pretty, so I did the unspeakable on a day when I had many things to do. I went to Pinterest and typed "pretty pie crusts"... This led me to a Martha Stewart page. This one, in fact. And here it began... Originally, I was just going to do a lattice crust. Then I decided, well hey I always have extra dough, and this braid makes the pie look just stunning. I might as well do that!

45 minutes later, I had about 1/3 of the braid done. Two full hours later, and the braid was made. Finished, finally!

Just kidding. Now I had to make the apple filling, throw that in the first crust, and then yes, I still had to make the lattice. This part, I won't lie, seemed relatively easy. Maybe only 20 minutes for the whole thing. And I still wasn't done! After the lattice was made, time to move that braid onto the crust- careful, careful, careful!

Alas, a full 3 hours of crust work later, my pie was prepped to go in the oven. Did it turn out beautifully? Oh yes, of course. Did it taste any different than my first pie? Of course not. So, screw you Martha Stewart and Pinterest. We are officially going on a break... Well, at least until my next baking urge kicks in! 

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