Wednesday, December 24, 2014

I've Got The Blues

Christmas in Berlin Brandenburg Gate
Nick and I at Brandenburg Gate in Berlin
Nick and I have checked out of our hotel here in Berlin, and are preparing to return home. Our next vacation is nowhere in sight, and I must say, I have a case of the post-vacation blues. After returning home from a vacation, it can often be pretty easy to catch the post-vacation blues. So for today, here are some tips to ease the post-vacation blues and come home from a vacation refreshed and ready to tackle the upcoming days!

#1: Make sure you have a smooth return! Often, getting home from a trip can mean heading off to work and back to daily life the next day. If possible, schedule an extra day off before returning to work to relax and catch up on things. Even if this isn't possible, you can still make life at home a little bit easier when returning from that trip. Before the trip, make sure to clean your house thoroughly and get all the laundry- including bedding- done! There is no better feeling when returning home from a trip than entering a spic-and-span house, and climbing into bed with fresh, clean sheets. Doing simple things like this can help your return be that much easier.

a nice clean place to come home to is the best! 
#2: Relive the memories! Upon returning home, it can be all too easy to get back into daily life and miss the vacation. To avoid this, plan a way to relive your memories of the trip right away- whether it is happy hour and catching up with a friend, creating a photo album from the trip, or writing a blog post to remember it by- reflecting back on your vacation and reliving it can help ease the post-holiday blues.

#3: Indulge yourself: Again, the post-vacation blues occur because of the stresses of returning to every day life. Take some time to indulge yourself and have a little 'me time,' to rewind. If that means taking a bath, going for a run, getting your nails done, do whatever it is that will help you to relax and recharge your batteries.

#4: Start planning your next vacation: This is my favorite tip, and what I am just about to do! Returning home from vacation can be quite depressing when you have no future vacations lined up. Use your recent travels as inspiration to plan upcoming trips- perhaps you met some people who told you about great destinations, or you realized that instead of a beach vacation you want a vacation jam-packed with tours and travels. Start planning your next trip now, and feel the excitement come back to you!

#5: Get a good night's sleep: This is the best way to recharge your battery. If you have the blues, often it can be better to just go to bed early, recharge your batteries, and hit the road running the next day. Getting a good night's sleep will naturally put you in a better mood, leaving you ready to tackle all of the things that come with returning home from a trip.

And with that, I am off to take my own advice and start tackling my blues. With a hectic few months coming up in the hockey season, I will be looking at taking our next vacation in the middle of April. With the cold weather here, I am craving some sand and sunshine- any travel recommendations? Lastly, for you, what is the best advice you have to tackle the post-vacation blues when returning home from a trip?


  1. Great tips to avoid the vacation blues!! I think cruises are the worst to come back from after so much pampering from the staff! The clean house is the most important to help settle back in.

    1. Tammilee, I've actually never been on a cruise before! It is on my list though!

  2. Excellent tips! I always clean my home thoroughly before going on a trip. Returning back should not be so painful after all :)

    1. Vidya, cleaning before makes all the difference when returning from a trip!

  3. What a great post! I definitely have the vacation blues too! It is just so fun to go and see other places! Likewise with Vidya, I like coming home to a clean house as well, makes me feel a bit more happy haha.

    1. Michelle, it is always so much fun to explore new places. I can't wait for my next trip- counting down the days!


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