Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Back to the US on Monday!

Wow…back to the good ol’ US of A on Monday! Life will certainly be a whirlwind there for the 12 days before we get married and fly back. Oh, did I mention Nick is just going to make a guest appearance for this trip- he’ll be back for a whole 48 hours to say “I Do”, celebrate, and then we leave.
What I’m looking forward to….
  • A bubble bath- nightly. 
  • Ice cubes- in everything. My soda, my water, heck I may even start eating them plain.
  • Seeing my girls, kitty and Lily.
  • SHOPPING. I will dedicate at least two days to this. Some for clothes, some for other things we need over here— who knew my mascara was going to be triple the price?! Looks like a year supply is coming right up.
  • Hopefully, some time to relax with friends and family.
  • THE WEDDING!!! After months of planning, I cannot wait to put on my dress and start the day. I get to marry my groom, Nicholas Angell, and I get to be his wife!
  • Did I mention shopping and bubble baths?
So, I’m bound to have a couple of crazy weeks of last minute wedding planning, and re-packing to come over here…my packing skills the first time around were maybe not quite sufficient. Then again, I did know that I would be back in Minnesota and have plenty of time to grab other things (ie, winter coats, boots, a pair of shoes that aren’t sandals or open toed heels…) I’m quite excited to get back home. Hopefully, I will have plenty of time for everything I need to do- necessary things also include my bubble baths and happy hours. Heck, I don’t think there is anything on this trip that I would deemnot necessary.

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