Monday, August 19, 2013

Ice Bath

Since I’ve arrived here in Karlskrona, I’ve picked up a little habit I never thought I would. I have started running, about 5 miles a day (or 8 kilometers)- nearly every day. Talk to me three weeks ago, and I would tell you “I HATE RUNNING”. Now, however, somehow here in Sweden I have began enjoying it- maybe it is the gorgeous scenery I see on my runs. Despite the fact that for the past week- up until today- I have been unable to walk normally.
Last night, as I was complaining to Nick about this (yes, I’m the one complaining- only because of my three a day workouts ;) …seriously. Three-a-days, for the wedding) he mentioned that I should take an ice bath. Somehow, I took him seriously. So today I ended up in the ice bath. And it turned out a million times better than I had ever imagined.
When Nick mentioned this last night, I viewed it as a challenge- especially when he said "I would be surprised if you lasted 30 seconds." ….oh, so we have a challenge now? Of course, my competitive spirit couldn’t wait to participate in this and prove him wrong. Even today, I remembered that comment, and just before hopping in the freezing-cold bath filled with ice cubes, asked how long he normally went for. “Oh, about 3 minutes”. SOLD. I was thinking “I will impress your pants off, honey. You think I can’t last 30 seconds- so I will last your usual time of 3 minutes!”
So, I did it. The first bath lasted 3 minutes. Then, I hopped out for about 5, and hopped back in for another 2. The most amazing thing in the world happened afterwards- my legs felt incredible! I could run another 5 miles afterwards. 
So, now I have at least two things to look forward to every day. My five mile runs (complete with gorgeous scenery), and afterwards; perhaps a nice cold ice bath. 

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