Tuesday, August 27, 2013

(Inter)National Dog Day

Well…yesterday in the good ol’ US of A it was supposedly national dog day. I figure I’ll be a little late to the party and make it international dog day, so here we are. Back at home of course we have our Lily (also known as lilymonster). Taking a little nap with me, and then of course for Halloween I had to dress her up as a hot dog. I think I promised this picture would never get out- but hey, Lily doesn’t read my blog (or so I think…) so she will never know!Hopefully Nick doesn’t read this post either, because I don’t think I’m allowed to dress her up ;)
Today we met our second English bulldog over here in Sweden. Little (or huge, by Lily standards!) cutie named Frankie. Really good looking bulldog. So of course I snapped a picture for Nick- and then as we were leaving discovered that Frankie can shake hands! So, despite not being able to celebrate with our girl, we found a new friend over here!

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