Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

Firstly, I'd like to say happy new year to all my readers! As is typical, I have done a little reflecting on my life over the past year. 2013 was certainly my most interesting year yet. I got a new job with a company I loved and opened a brand-new restaurant, only to quit two weeks later. I got engaged, planned a wedding, and married within 6 months. I was also a bridesmaid in one of my best friends weddings! After facing a major fear of mine, I was able to undergo LASIK eye surgery and now have better-than-perfect vision! I moved for pretty much the first time in my life- to a completely new country. My travels have included various spots in the USA, Mexico, Sweden, Germany, Czech Republic, and Denmark. I have enrolled in and will be starting my MBA. I have started to learn a new language. Most relevant of all right this moment, I started my blog! In the next few days, I will finish up my posts on Nick and I's trip to Paris, my trip to Arizona, and New Years Eve in Copenhagen!

The beginning of this year is going to be a busy one for sure. Nick and I just returned home from Copenhagen a few hours ago, only for him to head off to practice. A quick evening of clean-up and preparation for my family to come tomorrow! They will be able to see both a home and away game of Nick's, and a game of mine. We are hoping to head to Hamburg, Germany for a few days; as well as Copenhagen for a day or so before their flight back home. I am looking forward to showing my Mom, Dad, and younger brother around Karlskrona!

I hope everyone had a terrific and safe New Years Eve, and a wonderful beginning to 2014! Good luck to all with their resolutions- or lack thereof!

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