Thursday, January 2, 2014


First view of the Eiffel Tower!

I thought the shrubs looked like Gumdrops!

Seine River
Nick Angell

Eiffel Tower at night
Great picture of the Eiffel Tower at night!
Playing with our new camera & photo options!
Arc De Triomphe

Well, a little over a week and I finally have time to write about our trip to Paris! Nick and I had a wonderful time exploring the city together. Mostly (as you can see in our pictures!) we strolled around by the Eiffel Tower and went to several Christmas Markets. At night, we made a habit of cafe-hopping. We would go somewhere for an appetizer and wine, then move on for dinner, and dessert lastly! It was a great way to try a great number of little restaurants and the various wine offered at each place. Today I have just posted our pictures from walking around- I will post Christmas Market pictures tomorrow!

I was surprised and impressed by Paris, I think because I went there with very low expectations. Many people I have talked to- friends and family- from back home in the US have not enjoyed Paris, for various reasons. Pretty much everybody I talked to said that they had disliked Paris, and felt no need to ever return-- this set the bar pretty low for me. After a couple days of walking around and checking things out, I was definitely ready to leave Paris. However, I thought the city was very pretty, and would be even more so in the summer. The people we spoke with were all very nice, and actually had very good English. I was able to get wine recommendations at every restaurant, and even received a list from one of our servers of wines he thought we should try during our stay. Paris was a great vacation for Nick and I, and the perfect way to start our Christmas celebrations! 

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