Thursday, January 16, 2014

Oskarshamn-KHK Fan Bus

Fans outside the bus
"I was a drummer in high school…"
Taking a turn with the flag

Shortly after New Years, my parents and younger brother were able to come visit Nick and I in Karlskrona. The day after they got here, KHK had an away game at Oskarshamn, so we decided to hop on the fan bus and head to the game! For people back in the US, I would describe the fan bus as a tailgating party that just happens to take place on a bus heading to the away games. I've been on it twice so far, and both times was a blast! My family really enjoyed it. My Mom got to play the drums for a bit- apparently she was a drummer back in high school.

The game was a lot of fun too- KHK won 5-2, Nick had a goal, an assist, and was player of the game! I'm happy my family was able to see a win on the road and enjoy the trip to and from the game.

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