Friday, January 24, 2014

Things I Miss From Home

Recently, Nick and I have begun talking a little bit more about home than we did in the beginning of the season. Perhaps this has something to do with his countdown calculator on his phone- it now has less than 80 days. Crazy, considering we started the app back in September sometime with almost 200 days on it! With that being said, here are just a few things we are missing from home- you'll notice a pattern pretty quickly!

1. Customer Service! Everywhere- especially in restaurants. As an ex-manager, and ex-pretty-much-everything-restaurant-related, it has been hard for me to adapt to the different standards of customer service- mainly, that it is fairly non-existent in Europe. Now, I know this is a little bit harsh- we have had very good service at a few restaurants, and I have relaxed my standards. But this is the one thing I think both Nick and I miss the most about the US!

2. Target. One stop shopping. For groceries, for clothes, for that hole punch I really need, and for the other 98 things I will be guaranteed to pick up and buy at every trip. Useless spending, but sometimes you need it!

3. Manny's Steakhouse. YUM. Nick and I have already planned our first meals back in the US- cramming them all in before the honeymoon, after which his summer training will start immediately- and Manny's is first on the list. I'll do the eight, nope, twelve, ounce filet. He'll do the baseball steak. Both cooked to a perfect medium rare. To top this off, we'll probably order that ridiculous 3 pound Australian lobster tail. Oh, and the cheesecake- with extra chocolate sauce for me.

4. Happy Hour. Cheap food, cheap drinks, and great friends- what more could you want, especially at four in the afternoon?!

5. Open Hockey. This has become one of my favorite pastimes- open hockey with the guys at the rink, and especially when Nick joins us!

6. Pizza Hut. Dominos. Stadium Pizza. Greasy, delicious, thick crusted, American pizza.

7. Olive Garden. Noodles. Chipotle. Big 10. Buffalo Wild Wings. Hmm….let me just look up a list of "every restaurant located in Minneapolis" and get back to you on this one…

8. Central Time Zone. (or EST, or PST)….Now, this might sound like a weird one, but trust me its not. Being in the same time zone- or even a few hours different- from all of your friends, family, sporting events, and TV shows. This year, I'll be watching the Superbowl…starting at 11 PM. I have to constantly remind myself NOT to text/call friends before 4 PM- otherwise, its no later than 9 AM for them!

9. Bath tub.

10. Friends & Family. Need I say more? I haven't been close (distance-wise) with either since July. Of course, we've had a few visitors- and loved that! But one week with people is much different from living in the same city or area.

That's it for now! It is crazy how quickly the last several months have gone. Right now, we only have a month left of regular season- then it'll be a crazy couple of weeks (hopefully!) and we will jet off back home! Time certainly does fly around here.



  1. There are always ICA Maxi and Coop Forum for all your Target needs. Selling everything from clothes, dvds and office supplies to food, kitchenware and electronics.

    And we do have Pizza Hut in Sweden, even if only in select cities. :)

    1. Hi Anna, I've definitely visited ICA Maxi and Coop, but they just aren't the same as Target! Now that we are in the same city as a Pizza Hut, I've become a regular there- last year in Karlskrona, we were several hours from the closest one, so it wasn't an option! Happy to say that I no longer miss it (as much!)!


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