Friday, January 3, 2014

Paris Christmas Markets

Christmas Market leading up to the Eiffel Tower
Nicholas Angell wife
A cup of Glühwein! 

Cotton Candy at the Christmas Market for night #1 
Nick giving Santa some loving!

Some interesting animal statues at a market

One of the markets led right up to the giant Ferris Wheel

Here we are with a few pictures from the Paris Christmas Markets! It seemed like every time we turned a corner, there was a new market to explore. It was a lot of fun to try all of the different foods available- German sausages, cotton candy, Belgian waffles, roasted nuts, and Glühwein to name a few! Nick has commented that both Tivoli and the Paris Christmas Markets were much more like the ones he love in Germany. It was so nice to be able to enjoy and share this with him- but, I'm sure next year we will have to take a trip down to Germany to explore!

The Christmas Markets were a great way to get into the Christmas spirit. Of course, after ending our trip to Paris we headed home- and a few delayed flights later, we made it home to an empty kitchen and fridge! For our first Christmas Eve as a married couple, Nick and I took it easy; hanging out at home and exchanging gifts between the two of us. Then, on Christmas Day he was off to practice, and returned home with several of the guys for a good dinner!

Although Christmas is officially over to most people, Nick and I still have a  small celebration left with my family when they are here! So, between Bubbetorp, Tivoli, Paris, and finally a celebration with my family, we will have managed to make the Christmas spirit last almost a full month!

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