Friday, January 17, 2014

Stockholm with my Family!

Gamla Stan

"No Mother-in-laws Allowed"

 Last week I headed off to Stockholm for a few days with my family! The first night we took it easy and just walked around the Gamla Stan (old city) for a little while. We took in the sights, and stopped at a few little pubs with cool dungeon-like basements. While walking around the Gamla Stan, I was surprised how much I remembered the area from my previous trip to Stockholm in October with Nick. I even found the same vintage phone booth- so of course had to snap a picture there!

At one of the pus, the sign outside said "No mother-in-laws allowed", so we snapped a picture to send to Nick saying good thing he wasn't with, or my Mom wouldn't have been able to head inside! I found the sign interesting, especially because I have seen a couple signs like that while in Sweden.

After touring Gamla Stan, we headed back to our hotel for some dinner and to get some rest- it had been a long day of driving for me! Wednesday we visited the Vasa Museum, and Thursday headed to the Swedish Museum of Science & Technology. I'll post about each of those museums in the next few days!


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