Monday, March 3, 2014

See My City: Karlskrona, Sweden

Today is the day for me to write about Karlskrona, along with the blog hop over at Livin On Sweet Tea. Here are five interesting (at least to me!) facts about Karlskrona, Sweden.

1. The city of Karlskrona is built on 33 islands, and lies in Sweden's most Southern archipelago. In this archipelago, there are over 1,650 islands, islets, and skerries (Visit Karlskrona). The main island, Trossö, is where I currently live! Stumholmen, another one of the islands, is where Nick and I had our wonderful engagement pictures taken! Here is one of them where you can look out over the archipelago:

One of our engagement photos, taken on Stumholmen island in Karlskrona
2. Karlskrona means "Karl's Crown", for King Karl XI. The city was founded in 1680, when Sweden moved the Royal Swedish Navy from Stockholm. This move occurred because of the waters near Stockholm freezing in the winter. Stortorget, the town square, is one of Europe's largest city squares. In Stortorget, there is a statue of King Karl XI looking out over the city. Nick and I were able to climb up the statue and hang out with King Karl in August!

Hanging out with King Karl XI and overlooking the city!
3. Karlskrona is Sweden's Sunniest City (Sverige's soligaste stad).
Enjoying my first day (and selfie!) in Karlskrona, Sweden's Sunniest City
4. This guy right here is one of my favorite parts about Karlskrona. He is the wooden statue of Rosenbom, and has a great story to go along with him! You can check out the full story about this beggar Rosenbum on a previous post of mine. Otherwise, this poor guy was a beggar who froze to death in a snowbank! Tradition has it that beggars should lift their hats to those giving them something, thus why you can lift his hat right up.
Hanging out with my good friend Rosenbom!
5. And of course, I have to talk about the hockey here! Karlskrona Hockey Klubb (KHK) was founded in 2001. Since the founding, KHK has moved up 4 leagues, and for the first time this year has qualified for Kvalserien (playoffs to my American readers!) to the Swedish Elite League, the highest league in Sweden.

My brother Zack and friend hanging out with Nick at Telenor Arena

Two friends, my brother and I watching KHK's game in October!
Overall, Karlskrona has been a great town for Nick and I to live in our first year as a married couple! We are currently not sure where we will be next year, but are happy to have made memories and friends in this town. So, thanks to the people in Karlskrona and KHK for a year to remember! What do you think, Karlskrona-ites? Is there anything I have seriously missed out on in my time here?

Also, happy birthday to me!

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  1. Amazing Post! The pictures & entire blog made me traversed through the majestic & historic Gotland. I am planning to get a Sweden visa head to this place to adore the finest & oldest Churches, narrow cobbled streets, Ruins of St. Peter Church, magical Christmas markets & so much more! Thank you so much for sharing this


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