Wednesday, March 5, 2014

What Went Wrong At My Wedding

Before I got married, I received advice from what seemed like everybody in the world- married, divorced, single, anybody who had the chance wanted to tell me what to expect at my wedding and give advice for it. A lot of it, unwarranted. A lot of it, unnecessary. Even rude at times. But there is a bit of advice I've accumulated that I think was important, and rings entirely true:

Things will go wrong. Not everything will be perfect. But at the end of the day, as long as you are married, the day went perfectly. And oftentimes, those things that went wrong turn out to be one of the best parts of the day.

There was certainly plenty that went "wrong" on my wedding day (that I'm aware of!) and I'm sure even things that happened that I have no idea about. Here are some of the things I do know of, that have turned into awesome memories.

rain at my wedding
Running inside to avoid the rain!
1. The beginning of the day went off pretty smoothly- hair & makeup done, dress on, everyone arrived on time (according to the watch that I wasn't wearing, but my mental clock!). We got all of our wedding party pictures done, and had moved on to taking family pictures. Towards the end of this is when the rain moved in! Above, you can see both my mother and father in law helping hold my dress up as I took off running for inside! The rain meant we had to move our ceremony (and cocktail hour) from the original outdoor setting to a new one (fortunately, our venue had an awning and our photographers could still get amazing shots!) Did you know rain on your wedding day is supposed to be good luck?

What went wrong at my wedding
Mom to the rescue with my veil!
Nicholas Angell wife
Now that the veil is on, we can continue. (Love Nick's expression in this one!)
2. After the whole debacle with the rain, and postponing the ceremony for what felt like five hours (you sit in a bathroom in your extremely hot wedding dress, waiting for the rain to stop so you can start) we finally lined up to walk down the aisle. The ushers ushered, the bridesmaids and groomsmen walked down the aisle, and finally its my turn! Cue "here comes the bride" …. and "Dad! I  forgot my veil!" frantic rushing, calling down to an usher (no idea what we were saying) and too late, time to walk down the aisle anyways. Luckily, my Mom heard this and off she went running to find the veil and get it up to me! So, mid-ceremony I got my veil and put it on- to many laughs from Nick, myself, the wedding party, and all of our guests.

what went wrong at my wedding
Just keep talking, Sam. Just keep talking.
3. After receiving my veil, the rest of the ceremony went smoothly. I was definitely in auto-pilot mode. Nick repeated his vows, put the ring on my finger. I repeated my vows, put the ring on his finger. Cue, the minister's turn to keep talking and move the ceremony along. Well, apparently I wasn't ready to give up talking quite yet, because I continued to repeat after him "at this time," …Again, cue audience laughter. I guess I just wasn't ready to be done in the spotlight quite yet!

what went wrong at my wedding
Have you ever tried pouring wet sand out of a glass?
4. Nick and I had decided to do a sand ceremony during the wedding ceremony. Remember that rain I was talking about earlier? Yep, that comes back to haunt us again- the sand in our individual vases had become absolutely soaked, so as we were supposed to slowly pour the grains of sand into the larger vase- both Nick and I just ended up dropping out big chunks of sand. I guess wet sand doesn't quite work as well!

Nicholas Angell wedding
Pretty flowers, right?
5. I had decided not to spend an incredible amount on flowers for the wedding, because truthfully flowers just don't mean that much to me (and the first flower place I went to quoted me at $1475. For flowers. That would die. In a week.) So, we went the much cheaper route, headed to the farmers market, got a couple of cards from vendors, and went through one of those vendors for less than 20% of my original quote. The flowers up there look pretty great, right? Right. But I had asked for an all red rose & white calla lily bouquet for me, and a white rose & red calla lily bouquet for my bridal party…Definitely not what I got. But you know what? I'm the only one who knew the flowers weren't right, they still looked great, and like I said above- I still got married, so the flowers don't matter at all!

what went wrong at my wedding
Don't all brides drink champagne like this?
bride drinking champagne
Pretty steady diet of beer, 5 hour energy, Red Bull, and champagne
6. My ulcer came back. Perhaps due to the steady amount of champagne, red bull, beer, and 5 hour energy flowing into my system the entire two weeks before the wedding. Or perhaps, because my bridesmaids and I passed around the bottle of champagne in the dressing room (since technically we weren't supposed to bring it in) and drank it like the above picture? Either way, Nick and I left our own wedding and were curled up in bed by 11 PM- possibly even earlier.

7. Unfortunately, I learned while getting married who my true friends really are. In specific, I had a "friend" determine that because my wedding day was focused upon Nick, myself, our families, and closest friends, she no longer wanted to be a part of our life. Said friend stopped speaking to me and chose not to show up at our wedding, offer congratulations, or any form of contact whatsoever. So, in the process of gaining a husband, I lost somebody that I thought was a friend.

You know what happened out of all this though? An INCREDIBLE amount of laughs. Memories I'll share with Nick, our friends, and our families forever. I easily confess that my wedding day did not go off perfectly, but thats what made it so perfect. We were able to laugh, and have fun, the whole day- especially when things didn't go so perfectly. I have videos of our entire wedding party laughing during the ceremony at the things that didn't go quite right- how many others have that?

At the end of the day, I was married (actually, I was married in the middle of the day when we signed the papers!). It wasn't perfect by the standard definition, but it was perfect for us. Did anybody else have any wedding-day mishaps or memories that made the day what it was? And truthfully, this is exactly how I feel about our wedding - the whole point of the day is to get married, and as long as you do that, everything else is besides the point! I married the love of my life in front of our family and friends, and I couldn't be happier about that!

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  1. Happy to know about your art show experience. Last week I too attended a show after my friend’s wedding at one of Chicago wedding venues. It was an amazing day where all my friends accompanied me. Famous artist’s art was showcased. I really had a beautiful experience.


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