Thursday, March 27, 2014

A Mysterious Bump In the Night

LilyMonster relaxing while I took a bath
Check out that face!
It has been a busy last couple weeks for not only Nick and I, but also for our sweet girl the LilyMonster. She had been staying with Nick's parents up in Duluth while we were in Sweden, and once we returned home she came back down to Minneapolis to stay with us. Of course, Lily has been traveling back and forth between Minneapolis and Duluth during the winter, but with us returning home she was back to Minneapolis, and greeted with all of our suitcases. In addition to our suitcases, there were suitcases of stuff Nick's parents were bringing back to Duluth, and of course it took Nick and I a few days to unpack.

With all of this commotion, Lily has (understandably) been a little bit stressed out over the past several weeks. Last night, this all came to a head at about 1 AM when she suffered a little seizure. Both Nick and I were sleeping, and heard a thump in the living room- he jumped out of bed, and when he did that I thought someone was breaking in. After a second, when the thumping continued I hopped out of bed too and saw him and Lily on the floor. She was convulsing, shaking, and trying to get up. Nick helped keep her from moving around too much until she had stopped convulsing, and then tried to keep her calm as she was pretty scared. LilyMonster didn't really know what was going on, just that all of a sudden both Nick and I were there with her on the floor in a pool of her pee. As she came to, she started breathing pretty heavily and tried to walk over to the front door (sign she needs to go out) so we both threw some clothes on and took her out.

After taking her out, we walked back up to the condo and Nick said the f-word (food, for any of you that don't have food-loving dogs) and she instantly perked back up. We gave her some treats (carrots, her favorite thing!) and then cuddled with her on the couch for awhile- she was pretty needy and wanted attention from both of us.

Want to hear how Lily is really a great girl? After we got in from the bathroom break, Lily still covered in pee, Nick was sitting with her on the floor and had a little pee on his hand. Lily smelled that, took her paw to (gently, of course) force his hand to the ground and lick it off him. Nick almost cried because she was such a sweet girl- and so concerned over the fact that she had gotten pee on him. Nevermind that it was all over herself, and she had just had a seizure, she was worried about him.

Nick normally doesn't let her up on the bed (that is my forte, and she always gets to nap with me) but last night she got to snuggle up and hog the whole bed. This morning, she's perfectly back to normal- especially after a bath! So, today's to-do list has consisted of cleaning her up with a nice long bath, and doing about ten loads of laundry to get all of our clothes and bedding cleaned up! This has happened once before, but we are happy to report that she's had a full recovery both times- and this time has perked right back up even quicker than the last time!

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