Thursday, March 13, 2014

Spring Has Sprung in Sweden

Here we are with another gorgeous spring day in Karlskrona! It has been about a week now of sunny days, really proving how pretty of a city Karlskrona can be. With the sun shining, people are out and about walking, really letting you see how alive the city can come. Not only that, but stores are starting to put their racks outside, and all of the cafes are slowly opening their patios up (I've seen people sitting outside already!) 

Nick Angell selfie
Sorry Nick, I'm showing everyone your selfie!
Nick Angell Karlskrona
Nick feeding the ducks in Karlskrona's town square!
springtime in Karlskrona
King of the town! 
springtime in Sweden
The ducks waiting to be fed!
spring in Karlskrona, Sweden
Myself feeding the ducks in Karlskrona
The other day, Nick and I took advantage of the gorgeous weather and fed a couple of ducks in the town square some bread. I truthfully don't remember the last time I did something like that, and it was quite amusing to just relax in the sun and watch them go crazy for bread crumbs! Now, I'm off to go enjoy the weather again (I made the mistake of checking the forecast, and we are back to clouds soon!) Go outside, and enjoy the beautiful weather while it lasts! 

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