Sunday, March 23, 2014

Solo Hockey Celebrations

hockey cellies
B1G 10 Championship Game 

hockey player celebrations
Not that great of attendance since Minnesota wasn't in it!
Nick and I at the B1G 10 Championship game celebrations
Nick and I- can't stay away from an ice rink too long!

Last night, Nick and I were able to attend the inaugural B1G10 hockey tournament at the Xcel Center in St. Paul. To be completely truthful, we had been hoping (and assuming) the Gophers would be playing in the game, making it much more interesting. Of course, the Gophers didn't quite make it, so we were watching the Wisconsin Badgers versus the Ohio State Buckeyes. The first 45 minutes or so were relatively uninteresting, until a slew of goals brought the score to a tie game at 4-4.

Fast forward a bit, and we hit the point of this post. For Wisconsin, a senior, Mark Zengerle scored the overtime, game-winning goal to win the championship. As soon as he scored the goal, he proceeded to skate from one corner of the ice to the opposite corner, getting himself as far away from his teammates as possible as he performed his solo celebration.

Hockey players, whats with this? Over the last ten years, it seems anytime a BIG goal like this happens, the player performs his solo celebration and skates away from his teammates. Is it really more fun to celebrate by yourself, or with your entire team?

Hey, this is a TEAM sport. Your TEAMMATES helped to win the game. And yet, here you are, skating away from your teammates and making them chase you to celebrate. Is it really that much fun to celebrate alone? Or do you just want the extra 5 (if your lucky) seconds of fame?

This is one of the reason sports like baseball are in a way much better for the team aspect of the sport. If  there is a tie game, and either an RBI occurs or a walk-off homer, whoever is running towards home plate is instantly greeted by and celebrates with his teammates. Because, it is a TEAM sport. He's not trying to run away and celebrate all by himself.

Has anyone else noticed this trend, of no longer trying to celebrate with your teammates, and instead focusing on your own solo celebration?

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