Monday, March 17, 2014

A Day In The Life of . . .

Good morning! Today, I'm going to walk you through a day in the life of our English Bulldog, Lily. We have missed her a lot this year while in Sweden, but are 1000% positive she hasn't missed us (too much!) She's being taken care of by Nick's parents, who definitely spoil her much more than we do. Hopefully she will be OK with accepting us as full-time parents once we return to Minnesota! Without further ado, here we are with a day in the life of a bulldog!

cute bulldog puppy sleeping
As a puppy, Lily usually started her day off with a catnap. Sometimes, she would even almost fall off the couch!
cute english bulldog puppy sleeping
Occasionally, there would be something nummy on the table, so Lily would try get it…and then fall asleep from exhaustion while almost standing up, propping her head on the side of the couch.
english bulldog puppy sleeping
Lily's favorite spot to sleep is her bed. Of course, as a puppy she had to climb over the walls of the bed to get out…and sometimes this was tiring enough to need another nap halfway through! 
Lily the bulldog really loves when she gets to take naps with Mom (thats me!) Usually, Nick doesn't let Lily sleep in the bed with us…so whenever he is out of town, us girls get to have some bonding time! Whenever I take a nap, Lily usually tries to join in with me on the couch.

cat naps on the couch together
cute bulldog sleeping
Sometimes, Lily wakes up from her nap before Mom does and acts like a guard dog while people take pictures.
english bulldog sleeping
Lily doesn't like taking naps with just Mom. She'll take naps with anybody willing to lay on the floor with her!
 Lily has a favorite activity to do every afternoon in the summer. On the corner of our patio, we have a special "Lily chair" all set up. Quick word of advice to guests who come over? Don't try sit in this chair, or you'll have Lily hair all over yourself! Also, make sure that her stool is always right next to the chair (she needs help hopping up, after all!)

English bulldog sleeping
Lily really likes to be out in the sun, and prop her head up on the side of the chair. You know, just to make sure she gets tan all over!
English bulldog sleeping
Lily found the one corner of sun on the patio to nap in!
Remember when I talked about being spoiled? This winter, on the first sunny day Lily was begging to go outside and sun herself a little bit. Since it was still sooo cold out, she even got to curl up in a blanket!
English bulldog sleeping
Sometimes, life is tough and Lily just has to stick her tongue out a little bit while sleeping.
 Of course, Lily knows she can't spend all of her time sleeping outside on the patio, or sleeping with Mom. Usually, she will get a little warm outside on the patio and come in to take a quick nap on the floor. After all, what is more comfortable to sleep on than a hardwood floor?

a day in the life of an English bulldog
Just cooling off inside next to the air conditioner vent!
english bulldog sleeping
Hey, the walk to the cafe with Dad for a coffee was tough! Nobody can disrupt Lily's sleeping schedule.
After a tough day of finding new napping spots, eating breakfast, and walking with Dad to the cafe, its time to find a really comfortable spot to nap. Usually, this means Lily will sneak a nap in on a couch- any couch, just the closest one!

english bulldog sleeping

english bulldog sleeping

english bulldog sleeping
Curling up to sleep in the corner of the couch is always a good bet!
 Last year, we brought home a new friend for Lily named Kitty. Now, Lily has a best friend and napping partner! Of course, kitty likes to watch out for Lily and make sure we are getting the optimal pictures.

kitty and english bulldog
Just taking a nap while Mom is taking a bath!
kitty and english bulldog sleeping
Lily sharing the couch with kitty for nap time
kitty and english bulldog sleeping
Sometimes I even sleep right on top of the kitty!
kitty and english bulldog sleeping
kitty keeping watch while Lily naps
kitty and english bulldog sleeping
Lily sharing her bed with kitty for a nap
kitty and english bulldog sleeping
Life is tough for a bulldog!
So there you have it, with a day in the life of our English bulldog Lily. Hope you enjoyed seeing all of her favorite napping spots, positions, and people to sleep with!

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