Monday, October 14, 2013

Review- The Red Boat Hotel Stockholm

photo from Venere 
photo from Venere
The best part about The Red Boat Hotel in Stockholm was the location. It was a short, 5-10 minute walk to Gamla Stan, which was perfect for our trip to Stockholm. Parking outside of the hotel was relatively easy, and even free on weekends! I had no problem reaching the hotel via the use of my GPS.  There are actually two different boats you can stay on, the Red Boat and a White Boat.

The Red Boat Hotel was a very unique hotel/hostel, actually located on a boat in the river. It had pretty views while you were outside the boat. However, this is almost where the good things about the hotel ended. The rooms were very small and cramped, in addition to being noisy at night. Our neighbors in the hostel were partying until about 6 AM on the second night of our trip.

Nick and I would not stay at the Red Boat Hotel again. While the price was very low, and the location good, it is not the environment we are looking for. It was interesting to try, and sleep on a boat for the evening, but we would probably not go back or recommend it unless someone is simply looking for a very cheap hostel in a good location.

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