Thursday, October 17, 2013

My 3 Worst Traits

Today’s post I saw from a blog challenge, and decided to truly challenge myself and write it. The three worst things about myself are:
1. I don’t take criticism well. Constructive or not, I have a hard time listening to it, especially when it comes from somebody close to me- just ask my husband about that one! Whether the criticism is about a big thing or a small thing, it is hard for me to accept it without getting defensive. Because of this, this is a very difficult post for me to write- I am publicly critiquing myself (even though many of you might already know about these faults).
2. I can be very stubborn. I’m the type of person where once I set my mind on something, it’s very hard to change it- especially if I think I’m right (although, I must say that at least with my husband I’m right all the time!)
3. I’m not very good at sharing- this pertains especially towards food. If I have an entire box of cookies, and you ask me for one- on a good day I will begrudgingly give you one. But I probably won’t be happy about it. 

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