Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Rosetta Stone Totale

A few weeks ago I purchased Rosetta Stone, levels 1-3 to try learn Swedish. I did this only after giving up on ever getting a personal number and enrolling in SFE (despite having a visa to be here, apparently I am not getting a personal number and thus can’t take the classes I would like to to learn Swedish.)
Rosetta Stone is an online language course that is supposed to help you learn whichever language you choose. I, of course, chose Swedish. Right now I am about halfway through the first course, in which we learn a bunch of basic vocabulary- colors, numbers, he/she, and activities such as eating drinking and sleeping. However, Rosetta Stone teaches like they are teaching a three year old- they show a picture, and you guess the word/saying they want you to guess. This works all fine and dandy for basic vocabulary- but then today I reached a new barrier: vårt, våra, and vår. I understand that each of these words means “our,” but there is a correct time/place to use each of them. Which is singular, plural, etc? This is something I can’t learn just from pictures.
Hopefully if there’s a Swede out there reading this you can help me out! Otherwise, forgive me in the future when I say vårt and should say våra or vår.

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