Tuesday, October 29, 2013

LASIK Question

allie-sins asked you:
Hi, I just read your post about getting LASIK done, and I'm having a serious melt down about the procedure. I've worn glasses/contacts since I was 8 years old (I'm 25 now) and I'm just wondering if you could possibly answer some of my questions/fears. Was it hard to stay focused on the laser? I'm scared I'm going to be jumpy and move, or that it's going to hurt, or that I'm going to feel something. I'm scared to death. HELP.

Answer: I just might be the perfect person for you to have asked this to! Firstly, because I absolutely hate and am petrified of anything doctor/medical related... No joke, I faint every time I have to get a shot. I was definitely scared- part of the way I avoided this was by not listening to the doctors during my consultation- I figured the less I knew, the better. I had a general idea what was going to happen and that was enough (ie, I DID NOT know going into it that an actual knife blade would be cutting my eye. If I had, I would have chickened out)
As fas as pain, I can honestly say there was none. I had been advised by a friend it could hurt, so I took ibuprofen an hour before I went in. As far as being jumpy- well I for sure was, despite the Xanax I was given upon arriving (they will give you this if you ask to help you relax). Personally, I could have used about six more Xanax. When they do the procedure, first they tape down your eyelashes and then push down a circular thing around your eye- this was the worst part for me, because that's when I got really scared. However, it's just uncomfortable- imagine gently pushing all around your eye (I just did it now)- its just a strange feeling. So that's when I started fidgeting- but they will yell at you to be still. They have complete control of the laser, so won't move anything until you are still- that's why I stopped moving (or moved less I should say) because I just wanted it over.
Coming from a 100 percent WIMP (yes, that's me) LASIK was pain-free and 100,000,000% worth it. Like I said- financially, it will pay off long term. From every other aspect it was worth it the second I woke up from my nap and could see- and every day I wake up since.

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