Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sling Box: A Must-Have

While reading other blogs similar to mine, I’ve noticed several posts about things that we Americans like to pack or have while we are living or working abroad for months at a time. Packing for me was fairly easy- especially since I had the opportunity to go back to the US a month after coming over here and retrieve more things I wanted. 
One of the things that I’ve discovered is very nice to have is a sling box, which allows us to watch American TV and play it over our TV here. The process is fairly simple— you can buy a Sling Box and hook it up to your American cable box. Once its hooked up, all you have to do to watch TV is connect to the internet and you are able to watch TV through the sling player.
Basically, this allows us to keep up with American football (skol Vikings!), the NHL, the news, and any other TV shows we may feel like watching from back home. I would recommend this product to anybody that is living abroad for extended periods of time!

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