Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Stockholm Trip

Well, I have finally gotten around to looking at our Stockholm pictures- so here are a few of the highlights! We started our day on Saturday off by heading to Gamlastan (the old city)— luckily for me, Nick has been to Stockholm several times so I had my own personal tour guide! After checking out Gamlastan and the parliament building, we headed to the shopping district for a little bit of shopping before lunch. Lunch was at a delicious favorite of mine- Pizza Hut! (yes, I know, how cliche. The American that goes abroad and craves American food. But hey, I probably won’t get real American pizza for another 6 months- so I relished every bite of it.)

After lunch, we walked back to our hotel through the Gamlastan and I forced Nick to play with the phone booth. Of course, despite being unwilling his pictures turned out much better than mine! From there, it was home for a quick nap before heading to dinner at Bank-O-Mat. The meal was great, with excellent service.

Sunday we took another quick walk through Gamlastan before heading home and saying good-bye to Stockholm!

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