Monday, October 14, 2013

Oktoberfest in Munich: Part Two

hockey wife
Zack and I outside Oktoberfest!

Everyone lined up to get inside a tent at Oktoberfest!

The four of us inside the beer tent!


Well! I think it is about time for me to catch up with my travels over the past few weeks. So here we are with the rest of the Oktoberfest pictures. At the very top, we have my brother Zack and myself at the entrance to Oktoberfest. We arrived to Munich on Friday night, and spent both Friday and Saturday at Oktoberfest. Both nights we were lucky and able to get into tents right away. You can see in the last picture that many people were not this fortunate- this was the “line” at one of the tents full of people pushing and shoving to get in! 
Of course, Oktoberfest had a ton of great food options. I had to get a pretzel that was as big as my head- delicious! We were on a steady diet of German food and beer all weekend. 
In all, Oktoberfest was a great time! We met and had great conversations with people from all over the world- Japan, Australia, the US, Canada, and most of Europe seemed to be present at Oktoberfest. Attending the real Oktoberfest in Munich was a great time! I am so excited for the (possibility!) of doing it again in the future. It was great to spend some time with my brother, friends, and the new friends we met while at Oktoberfest!

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