Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Date Night

Nick Angell wife

Yesterday, Nicholas and I took the time to have date night- just the two of us- before he departed on his road trip this morning. We went to a Restaurant Michelangelo, right down the road. We had been there last week and greatly enjoyed it, hoping this week to get the cozy little table by the window. Of course, that was taken- so we went to a table next to the fireplace. I had some of the best beef carpaccio of my life, and Nick enjoyed the green pepper sauce steak.
Couple that with a fire once we arrived home and a glass of champagne for me, and I would call it a great evening! Date nights are something so valuable to us- just time to enjoy each others presence in life and relax for a while. I would highly recommend Michelangelo’s to anyone in Karlskrona or surrounding areas looking for a cozy date night!
-Samantha Angell

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