Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Happy Birthday

I’d like to throw out a very happy birthday to the best (and worst!) older brother ever! For the great majority of my life, he’s been a pretty damn good brother. Of course, recently this past year I did find proof that at times he was a big buthaed.

Really though, my older brother has been a guy who’s been there for me. All throughout growing up, family trips, college and living on the same block together in our respective fraternity and sorority, to now when he is taking care of my sweet baby kitty while I’m abroad. At my wedding this past month, he gave the most amazing speech (I have videos and a copy of it, so I know this!) Maybe the only person who can call the bride a stalker in a wedding speech and pull it off.

With that being said, happy birthday older brother! I hope you have a fabulous day!! Here’s to the good times and the bad times, and all the times ahead of us!

Your little sister,

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